Fragrance for women by the pop star Helene





It’s hard to imagine the German music scene without pop and pop star Helene Fischer. However, she has not yet been associated with beauty products. So we were all the more surprised this week when we learned about the following beauty sensation: The likeable megastar launches his first fragrance for women. It will be called THAT’S ME!

With the fragrance, the likeable music star fulfills a long-cherished dream and whisks her fans away to her own personal world of scent. It took over a year to develop the THAT’S ME! fragrance, in which the megastar was not only involved in the essence of the fragrance from the very beginning, but also helped to develop the bottle. Even the lettering on the bottle shows Helene’s signature.

The fragrance is feminine and seductive, evolving note by note. The Sicilian tangerine together with peach accords form the prelude. Freesia in pink gives the fragrance warmth and a floral note of lotus and roses. Through vanilla, precious woods and musk, the eau de parfum gets depth. After sniffing again and again, I am fully convinced of the fragrance, but also of Helene. Nice that the musician is just as likeable in person as on TV. With THAT’S ME! she has succeeded in creating a wonderfully personal fragrance and I look forward to more from her outside the world of music.