Fabulous smelling scents in unique flacons




Personal and home care products dedicated to incredible scents. TOCCA aims to create beauty that is old-world inspired but with a sophisticated, modern edge. Translating as ‘touch’ in Italian, Tocca produce the most dressing table lust-worthy flacons of fragrance – think Cinderella’s glass pumpkin coach but filled with fabulous smelling scents.

A much-beloved American house who transitioned from sportswear luxe to an effortless, contemporary chic you can spray every day.

With their beautiful rounded glass flacons, floral etched brass-hued caps and romantically inspiring names, Tocca’s fragrances look for all the world like something one dreams of finding while strolling through a flea market on a perfect spring day – perhaps while carrying a freshly baked baguette in a woven basket, your hair effortlessly twisted into an impossibly chic chignon. But wait, this house actually hails from the United States – all the fine fragrance collection are made there, in fact – and the Tocca brand began in 1994 with sportswear fashion, before diversifying into beauty and fragrance.